Lake County Indiana - Marriage License Requirements

Marriage License Requirements
Lake County, Indiana

  1. Applications must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Both applicants must be present at the time of application with a valid driver's license or a state identification card, for proof of residency, identity, and date of birth.
  3. If either person has been divorced within 1 (one) year prior to application, that person must have a certified copy of the divorce decree, signed and dated, with a Judge's signature.
  4. If at least one of the applicants in a resident of Lake County, the fee is $18.00, payable in cash only.
  5. If neither applicant is an Indiana resident, the fee is $60, payable in cash only. The subsequent wedding must take place in Lake County, Indiana.
  6. If both applicants are Indiana residents, but live outside of Lake County, they must go to the county in which they live.
  7. Once the license is obtained, Indiana residents may be married anywhere in the state of Indiana. The records will be recorded in whatever county you applied in.
  8. If the couple is being married in another state, they must go to that state, and follow that state's requirements.
  9. The license is valid for 60 days, and can be used the same day it is applied for. There is no waiting period.
  10. A list of judges who perform marriage ceremonies and their contact information and availability may be obtained in the marriage department of the Clerk’s Office.
  11. Lake County is now accepting on line applications, the couple will complete form on line at The couple will arrive at the clerk's office and inform the staff that the form was completed on line. The record will be searched in Incite and completed by a deputy clerk.
  12. Marriages are not performed by judges before 11:15 am and after 12:45 pm.

If applicant is under 18 years of age (17 years of age)

  1. All above requirements apply.
  2. Both parents of underage applicant must be present, with their valid driver's license or state identification card, and a certified copy of their birth certificate.
  3. The under age applicant must have a certified copy of their birth certificate.
  4. If the under age applicant is not an Indiana resident, he or she cannot apply in Indiana.


The Lake County Clerk's Office also offers an online service for couples to pre-apply for a Marriage License. The online Marriage License Application, which is available at, makes it easier and more efficient to obtain a marriage license. Couples will then visit the clerk's office notifying the clerk that they have applied on line, this will drastically shorten the length of time required to complete the application process.

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Thank you,

Michael A. Brown
Lake County Clerk

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