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Lake County Government buildings closure extended until April 17, 2020

The closure announced on March 23rd is hereby extended through and including April 17, 2020 with a return to regular work of Monday, April 20,2020.2. Employees are further instructed to seek direction from their immediate supervisor for direction on specific job assignments during this closure.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Health officer Dr. Vavilala will be on WGN today at 6pm

Lake County Health Officer Dr. Vavilala will be on WGN today (4/2) at 6pm to discuss COVID-19.

Important message regarding Coronavirus and the Lake County Courts

How can people with court dates originally set to occur during the closure know whether their court dates remain set and whether they are required to appear in person? Here are some key points:

  • Those represented by counsel should call or email their lawyer. Many attorneys are continuing to operate, even with limited staffing. 
  • Those who are not represented by an attorney can try calling the court where their hearing is set and check with the court staff. 
  • If a court cannot be contacted by telephone, Indiana’s free online case management system allows anyone at any time of day to check the status of any case, including the status of hearings. 
  • Lake County Courts have re-set all court dates possible and all jury trials have been cancelled (click "read more..." below for more details). 
  • Persons wanting to file new cases or documents in existing cases are still able to do so.  To use or sign up for an electronic filing account, simply go to efile.incourts.gov and follow the instructions.  
  • Victims of domestic violence who wish to file a petition for protection order can e-file it themselves or ask for assistance at one of the local domestic violence shelters

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Indiana Primary Elections moved to June 2, 2020

The Governor of Indiana just announced that the May 5th Primary is moved to June 2nd, 2020. The Indiana Election Commission is meeting Wednesday, March 25th at 10:00 am to confirm that date and address other items related to that change. More details from the Indiana Election Division will be communicated next week.