Lake County Indiana - Lake County's Response Preparedness
Lake County's Response Preparedness
Emergency Response Team (E.R.T.)

Lake County has an Emergency Response Team to assist residents in the unincorporated areas of the county. The Team is made up of various county officials. Monthly meetings are held to discuss concerns of road and ditch flooding as well as other minor emergency situations that pose a threat to the well being of the general population.
Rapid Notify

Lake County also has a Community Alert Network or C.A.N. in place. This a telephone based system that makes 400 calls per minute. Its purpose is to provide information on the dangers affecting the county during any given disaster or emergency. It will also provide instructions on what residents need to do in order to be safe during any given emergency. This includes In-Place Sheltering or evacuation as required. If evacuation becomes necessary, residents will be alerted where to seek safe shelter, and when to accomplish such activity.
Mutual Aid

Lake County is involved in a Mutual Aid Agreement with four other counties of Indiana. These include: Jasper, La Porte, Newton, and Porter counties. This agreement was created and signed in 2003. Its purpose is for each county to provide resources and assistance to any of the remaining counties after their resources become exhausted. Included in this agreement is the mutual aide of all the hospitals within each of the five counties.