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For Date: 2014-09-16
Date/Start Time Case Number Hearing Type Case Title Result
08:30 AM 45D01-1303-CT-00068 D01 Status Hearing CHERYL MCINTURF vs. Nancy Miller Hearing Held
08:30 AM 45D01-1408-PO-00066 D01 Hearing on Protective Order --N/A-- Hearing Held
08:30 AM 45D01-1305-CT-00114 D01 Status Hearing HELENE SERVIN vs. NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Hearing Held
08:30 AM 45D01-1408-PO-00065 D01 Hearing on Protective Order --N/A-- Hearing Held
09:00 AM 45D01-1011-CT-00202 D01 Status Hearing BOBBY LANE vs. BRIAN MOSELEY Hearing Held
09:00 AM 45D01-1302-CT-00052 Hearing on Motion for Sanctions Patrice Stewart vs. Annetta Sanmiguel Hearing Held
10:00 AM 45D01-1406-CT-00133 D01 Motion for Preliminary Determination Amarjit Bhasin vs. William Covey Vacated
10:00 AM 45D01-1303-MF-00082 D01 Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Conference Bank of America, N.A. vs. Mary Niven Hearing Held
10:20 AM 45D01-1403-MF-00071 D01 Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Conference U.S. Bank, National Association, Successor Trustee vs. Arnell Brady Vacated
11:00 AM 45D01-1301-CT-00018 D01 Status Hearing WILLIAM WHEATON vs. ANGELA NOOJIN Hearing Held
11:00 AM 45D01-1106-PL-00036 D01 Status Hearing NICK POPOVICH vs. HORSESHOE HAMMOND, LLC Hearing Held
11:00 AM 45D01-1111-CT-00194 D01 Motion For Summary Judgment VIRGINIA FREDERICK vs. ANDREW MANSUETO Vacated
11:00 AM 45D01-1111-CT-00194 D01 Status Hearing VIRGINIA FREDERICK vs. ANDREW MANSUETO Hearing Held
01:00 PM 45D01-0812-CC-00152 D01 Bench Trial Schilling Brothers Lumber and Hardware, Inc. vs. Nathan Idalski Continued
01:00 PM 45D01-1311-CT-00235 D01 Status Hearing Donna Taylor vs. Richard Smith Hearing Held
01:00 PM 45D01-1406-DR-00005 D01 Status Hearing Beverly Czech vs. James Czech Hearing Held

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