Sheila Moss

Sheila Moss

Superior Court County Division Room 2

Judge Sheila M. Moss has presided over the Lake County Superior Court, County Division, Room 2 since 1993.  Judge Moss presides over traffic matters and criminal matters, ranging from Class A, B, & C misdemeanors to Class D felonies.  The civil division in her court handles evictions (including emergency possessory actions) and landlord and tenant disputes if the rent due at the time of filing is Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00) or less.  The court also handles property damage and personal injury claims if the damages claimed are Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00) or less.  A person can also sue in small claims court for money owed (bad checks, wages, services rendered, accounts receivables), the return of wrongfully held property or for faulty work if the amount owed is Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00) or less.  If you are a corporation and are involved in a lawsuit (whether as a plaintiff or defendant) and the damages claimed are over Fifteen Hundred Dollars ($1,500.00) then you must be represented by an attorney.  
The court is here to serve the public, to protect rights, and to interpret and uphold the law.  We provide a fair, accessible, effective and responsive forum to resolve civil and criminal matters. We strive to serve the public through prompt, fair and efficient resolution of conflicts to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Contact Info:
By Mail Or In Person
Administration Building, 1st Floor
2293 N. Main Street
Crown Point, IN 46307

Office Hours

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
(Night Court is held in various locations throughout the county, including Cedar Lake, Crown Point, and Highland on Tuesday evenings)

By Phone or Fax
Phone: 219-755-3580
Fax: 219-755-3588
Judge Sheila M. Moss  (219) 755-3580
(219) 755-3588 (Fax)
Magistrate Kathleen M. Belzeski   (219) 755-3585
(219) 755-3698
Court Administrator - Vicki Lukawski(219) 755-3581
Chief Bailiff - Cindy Thurman(219) 755-3587
Supervisor-Civil Division - Kashontia Scott(219) 755-3586
Court Reporter - Beth Stanko(219) 755-3591
Court Reporter - Melissa Rippe (219) 755-3590
Probation Department(219) 755-3589 

General Courtroom Procedure

  1. Please arrive at least fifteen minutes before your scheduled court time.
  2. Immediately check in with the bailiff upon your arrival.
  3. Bring your postcard or Notice of Claim with you to court.
  4. Do not chew gum or bring food or drink into the courtroom.
  5. Turn off all cell phones and pagers.
  6. Dress appropriately for court. No shorts, no tank tops, and no hats.
  7. If you are the plaintiff in a civil case there must be service on the defendant in order to proceed to hearing on your assigned court date.
  8. On your scheduled court date please bring all witnesses and evidence you have in support of your case. Please make at least two copies of all written evidence you wish to present to the Court

The Court has jurisdiction to conduct weddings throughout Indiana. Judge Moss and her magistrate are available either in Court or at the location of your choice to conduct your wedding ceremony. Fees for this service vary. Please contact Vicki at (219) 755-3581 for further information.

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