Elizabeth Tavitas

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Superior Court Civil Division Room 3

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Gary Courthouse
15 West 4th Avenue
Gary, IN 46402

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Phone: 219-881-6156
Fax: 219-881-6168
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For Date: 2014-10-23
Date/Start Time Case Number Hearing Type Case Title Result
09:00 AM 45D03-1201-DR-00053 D3 Status Hearing Telephonic Karli Hefner vs. Bradley Hefner Hearing Held
09:00 AM 45D03-0010-DR-00390 D3 Hearing on Motion STEVE KLJAJICH vs. JUANITA KLJAJICH Hearing Held
09:00 AM 45D03-9802-DR-00465 D3 Hearing on Motion ALEXANDER BRUMFIELD vs. NICOLE BRUMFIELD Hearing Held
09:00 AM 45D03-0710-DR-01098 D3 Status Hearing Telephonic Jeffrey Manchak vs. Yvonne Andros - Manchak Hearing Held
09:30 AM 45D03-1305-DR-00434 D3 FINAL HEARING JENNIFER MINK vs. BRITTON SMITH Hearing Held
11:00 AM 45D03-1109-DR-00877 D3 Hearing on Motion Patricia Quinones vs. Carlos Quinones Vacated
01:00 PM 45D03-0901-DR-00050 D3 Hearing on Motion SHAWN SANDATE vs. JAMIE SANDATE Vacated
01:00 PM 45D03-1409-GU-00041 D3 Status Hearing Telephonic State of Indiana vs. Lianna Martinez Hearing Held
01:00 PM 45D03-1311-CC-01404 D3 Hearing on Motion BROADCAST MUSIC INC vs. MARION WILLIAMS Hearing Held
02:30 PM 45D03-1011-DR-01064 D3 Petition/Motion for Emancipation CARYL GURNAK vs. MICHAEL GURNAK

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