Calumet Township Trustee

When a person or family claiming to be poor and in distress seeks aid, the township trustee is obliged to grant relief if the need is verified and residency or intent to establish residency is verified. Such relief includes food, shelter, clothing, utility bills, and school lunches...
The trustee must, in cases of necessity, promptly provide medical and surgical attendance for the township poor who are not provided for in public institutions, and also must furnish any medicines that are prescribed. The trustee of the poor must provide for and superintend the burial of deceased indigent persons.

Contact Info:
By Mail Or In Person
35 E. 5th Avenue
Gary, IN 46402

By Phone or Fax
Phone: 219-886-5200
Fax: 219-886-5233

Related Numbers

Name Phone Fax
Calumet Township Trustee's South Office 219-980-7500
Mary Elgin
Title: Trustee
Phone: 219-980-7500

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